Below are a couple of frequently asked questions that we get from our clients.
You are welcome to check them out.

Why are we using Figma?
We use Figma to design site maps, wireframes, designs, and prototypes. One of the great advantages it has is that it lets us do all of that without having to deal with any other software. A one-stop shop, so to speak. Also, it is collaborative software that can be web-based. This lets us work seamlessly with the client and developers.
How long will it take to complete a design project?
Depending on the complexity and the size of the project. Logos usually take about 32 hours, Landing pages can range from 24 to 40 hours. Sites with multiple pages can take about a week. If you have a scope of work, we can provide a rough estimate of it and discuss it on a call.
What is your availability for the calls?
We are located in Ukraine. That is GMT+3 time zone. However, we can accommodate different time zones with no problems. Be it for the call or for the actual duration of the project.
What will the process look like with your company?des
The typical process includes a site map, wireframes that we do both for the mobile and desktops resolutions. After we discuss with the client the deliverables, key functionalities, and the user experience in general. After getting a green light or edits from the client, we move to the actual visual design (UI) of the mock-ups, providing first a couple of pages in the proposed design, and then the rest of the project, basing it on the approved wireframes.